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Washington Ghosts: Historic Strolls

Posted in DC, ghost tours, Washington on October 30, 2010 by Pat Padua

The spooky foyer of the Octagon House

Welcome to my semi-annual ghost blog post.  I have let the cobwebs accumulate and will do my best to dust them off and provide you the reader (and despite my complete inactivity on this blog, it still gets more hits than the mothership, The Bloggy Bloggy Dew).

I have been frightfully busy writing for other venues, for money and for glory. And for glory and comps I attended two tours run by Washington company Historic Strolls for DCist, where I am now a regular writer for Arts and Events. Read my ghost tour write-up here. I felt little eeriness during the Saturday tour outside the White House and environs. But a few nights later, the moment I went inside the Octagon House, I felt strange. Not a sinister strange but the kind of presence you feel in empty spaces that don’t feel quite empty.

The security guard who let our group into the building playfully hid behind the door, which is how the foyer was designed: to keep the servants out of the way and as unintrusive as possible. But perhaps there are those there who are still invisible, whose history will never be written. I’m willing to hear out their stories. I just signed up for National Novel Writing Month, and in order to meet the 50,000 word count required in order to “win”,  I’ll have to write on the order of 1600 words a day for the whole month of November. As this post will barely top 250 words, I beseech the spirits, be they external or internal forces, to find in me a proper conduit for their untold tales. I’ll need the help.